Why Diamond Strength Fitness?

Diamonds are strong due to chemical bonds arranged in a way that makes them difficult to break, each bond is reinforced by the other bonds.  Bonds in my world are clean food, variety of exercises, sleep and emotional stability.  These are the necessary bonds to be Diamond Strong, with these bonds we grow muscle, losing fat, gaining/keep bone mass, and maintain mental acuity as we journey through this life.

I am a small studio, five friends to a class.  This helps me to focus on proper form and questions or making changes in an exercise, if necessary, you can’t get that at a large gym.

A little about Michelle before Diamond Strength Fitness.  I did not find a love for fitness until I was 38 years old.  I was trying to talk my daughter into joining the Army reserve after she finished school so that she could get some college money and structure, that’s a longer story for another time.  Instead of her joining the Army Reserve, I did, and Uncle Sam told me I had to lose 15 pounds before I could go to basic training, with determination and working out six days a week I was ready in three months.  With the help of my recruiter pushing me, I found a gym and started tracking my food.  After tooling around the gym, I took various classes and fell in love with jogging and weightlifting.  After the Army, I took a kick at Cardio Kickboxing at U.S. Shuai Chiao Kung Fu Academy for a few years.  I even participated in a tournament and won a bronze medal.  As were paired off for class, I would get excited watching others push themselves and achieve greatness.  Later, I joined Gold’s Gym for variety, taking various classes such as HIIT (a new fav), weightlifting for endurance, and a resistance class.  The trainers there are epic, and this fueled my fire more.  I wanted to show others the excitement and watch them grow and most importantly enjoy their hour.  Off to personal training school I went and graduated from National Personal Training Institute (NPTI).  While in school we had to create a group class and teach it to our peers, that is where I found more excitement.  My class was a combo of HIIT and flexibility well-choregraphed to music and of course I earned an A.  After graduation, I took an online class to become a group trainer through Aerobics Fitness Association of America (AFAA) who is part of National Association Sports Medicine (NASM).  I started teaching a class at my very good friends Kung Fu studio on Saturday.  A few clients asked about weekday classes and the search was on for our own place as the Kung Fu studio is so busy there were no open weekday slots.  Let me say it did not take long, the same week we drove around looking is the same week we found a place and started to make it our play yard.