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Class Overview

At Diamond Strength Fitness, our expert trainer conducts group classes that cater to a wide range of fitness goals and needs. Our sessions encompass mobility training, posture workouts, standing abs, functional training, fitness for older adults, free weight training, primal movement, and exercises for weight loss. The Diamond Strength Advantage combines the benefits of group camaraderie with personalized guidance on exercise and nutrition, offering a supportive and engaging fitness experience for participants of all ages and levels. Join us and embark on your journey to a stronger, healthier you.

Class Highlights

  • Customized for any fitness level
  • Adaptable workouts for beginners to advanced
  • Personalized guidance to suit individual needs
  • Inclusive and supportive group environment
Jill Puro-lindemanJill Puro-lindeman
19:09 07 Feb 23
Michelle is the best ! She works with you one on one and helps with your strength and weakness all while having a fun class. Definitely recommend any age women to try.
Stephanie sStephanie s
00:30 11 Jun 22
Love, love this place!!!The results are amazing and The instructors are passionate about what they teach .
Janine RobbJanine Robb
21:11 02 May 22
The best time you'll have at the gym! Close-knit members make it a great workout environment.
Pamela MaynardPamela Maynard
20:19 02 Dec 21
Great place for small group class with personal attention. Michelle will help you achieve your personal goals no matter your fitness level. I encourage you to check out a class.
Kieran GogertyKieran Gogerty
21:39 26 Apr 21
Amazing communication very professional cloths are comfy and have an amazing quality would recommend to anyone 🔥💪
Darian KitchenDarian Kitchen
23:57 13 Jan 21
I spectate, the clients are happy and well worked out. She gives alternatives if there is an issue you are having, she's always on top of it.
JoAnn TalkingtonJoAnn Talkington
15:38 19 Nov 20
A great place to get in shape. Michelle is very dedicated and will encourage you to be your best.
Lynn FarmerLynn Farmer
22:45 18 Nov 20
I’ve been working out at DSF for a couple of years now. It’s the ideal place to go ( and now virtual is offered) if you like the intimacy of a smaller class where the trainer can focus on your every goal up close. Michelle takes the time to listen and work with you individually for your specific needs all the while by making it a fun and interesting class.
Kim TomlinsonKim Tomlinson
22:36 18 Nov 20
Michelle is a well informed instructor. Loves helping people get fit. Makes exercising fun like working out with an old friend!!
Melitza KordupelMelitza Kordupel
21:31 18 Nov 20
This is a fantastic Gym!! The trainer is super nice and takes an interest in you no matter what fitness level you are at. I really like how they give you tips to get the most out of every workout.
Jessica CliffJessica Cliff
20:42 18 Nov 20
Michelle is amazing!! She’s dedicated to getting you the results you want! Her gym is beautiful!! I would recommend trying out Diamond strength fitness regardless of your fitness level because Michelle will get you where you want to be! Go see her!
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