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Monday & Wednesday

After School Girls Class
Ages 8 – 18, Still in School

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Monday & Wednesday

Cardio / Core

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Tuesday & Thursday

Weight Training

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Beast Mode Saturday

Heavy Lifting Workouts

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Unlimited Group
$90 / Month
Find the perfect equilibrium of fitness activities with our Unlimited Group program, tailored to cover all your workout needs. Participate in two cardio and core sessions per week, complemented by two strength training sessions. Plus, unleash your inner athlete during our Saturday Beast Mode session for an added adrenaline rush. This well-rounded approach ensures that you effectively work on different muscle groups, enhance your stamina, and stay motivated throughout your fitness journey. Mini Workouts: The New Trend in Fitness
Instead of committing to an hour-long workout, many individuals are now choosing to break up their exercise into smaller, more frequent sessions. This can include three 15-minute sessions spread throughout the day or quick bursts of 5-10 minutes.
There are several reasons why people opt for these shorter workouts. For some, it’s a matter of fitting exercise more easily into their busy schedules. For others, they prefer to focus on one specific body part, allowing for a few hours of recovery before targeting another muscle group, rather than doing them together and feeling fatigued on the second muscle group.
As a fitness professional, you can adapt to this workout trend by offering a variety of mini workouts that your clients can perform at home with minimal or no equipment. Share these workouts in your email newsletters and on social media to keep your clients engaged and help them achieve their fitness goals.
Half Group
$45 / Month

Experience the freedom and customization of our Half Group membership, perfect for those who want to maintain a well-rounded fitness routine while accommodating their busy schedules. Enjoy access to 10 classes per month, selecting from a broad range of cardio, core, and strength training sessions. This membership empowers you to design a personalized workout regimen that effectively targets your fitness objectives and seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.

Girls After School Program
$45 / Month

Promotes great mental health, body positivity, strengthens bones and muscle for injury prevention in sports and a great anxiety release.  Learn how to do it from pros, form is EVERYTHING and warm-up & cool downs are NECESSARY.

Walk In ... Work Out
$25 / Month

Embrace the ultimate freedom of fitness with our walk-in, work-out membership, designed for independent exercisers who prefer to do their own thing. Simply enter the gym and begin your personalized workout routine without the constraints of a scheduled class or instructor. Our well-equipped facility provides everything you need to challenge yourself, build strength, and improve your overall health at your own pace and on your own terms.

CustomFit Personal Training Plan

Experience the benefits of a personalized workout regimen tailored to your unique fitness level with our CustomFit Personal Training Plan. Our expert trainers will design a program that aligns with your goals and abilities, ensuring you make consistent progress. As your fitness level evolves, enjoy the flexibility to adjust your plan for only $10, keeping your workouts fresh, challenging, and effective.

Individualized Fitness Coaching
$50 / Half Hour

Transform your fitness journey with EliteEdge Individualized Fitness Coaching, where our experienced trainers provide customized workouts, targeted coaching, and unwavering support. Benefit from a training program specifically designed to meet your personal fitness goals and abilities, while receiving valuable advice on nutrition and lifestyle adjustments. Elevate your workout experience and achieve lasting results with our dedicated coaching approach.

BalancedLife Nutrition Starter & Maintenance

Transform your eating habits with our BalancedLife Nutrition Starter & Maintenance program. For just $25, receive a cumulative daily nutrition plan and expert advice from our qualified nutritionists, designed to promote balance and well-being. Stay committed to your health journey with our $10 maintenance option, ensuring continuous support and refinements to your nutrition strategy as you work towards your goals.

FitFuel Ultimate Health Combo
Call for Pricing

Unleash your full potential with our FitFuel Ultimate Health Combo, combining the best of our FitForge Personal Training Experience and WholesomeWay Nutrition Blueprint & Support. This all-encompassing package offers the perfect fusion of personalized exercise programs and daily nutrition guidance, setting you on a path to improved well-being and lasting results. Elevate your fitness journey and nourish your body with this comprehensive health and wellness solution.

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