How can I make the diet easier?
    Food prep does make it easier to eat clean
    What will my diet look like?
    Eating clean is eating fresh/frozen fruits and veggies, organic/grass fed meats, lean meats such as 85 up to 97% lean ground meat. Red meat should only be eaten a few times per week, eat more chicken, turkey, fish, even canned tuna
    What is the safest amount of weight to lose per week?
    2.5lbs per week.
    Can I reduce weight to simply one area of my body?
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to spot reduce. If trying to lose only one area, first focus on cutting out white carbs, fatty foods and prepackaged foods…EAT CLEAN
    Will I bulk up with weight training?
    Weight training for women will NOT make you bulky, we are not predisposed that way.
    What will help me lose weight fast?
    Cutting white carbs, fatty meats and prepackaged foods helps in weight-loss
    How does the calorie burning work?
    HIIT workouts burn calories for the day opposed to stopping after you leave the gym.